Improve Your Communication with These 4 Tips

To sustain any type of relationship, there needs to be some open and clear communication. The worse communication is between two parties the more inefficiency there will be. Obviously, inefficiency can lead to disaster for any organization that depends on consistency so this month we thought we’d give you four ways to improve communication throughout […]

VoIP is a Great Choice for Businesses

Few parts of your technology infrastructure will have such a profound impact on your operations as your communications systems. Whether it’s your email or your phone systems, you’re bound to use them on a daily basis, and you’ll feel a significant deficit in your operations without them. Today we want to look at one particular […]

Here’s What Effective Collaboration Looks Like

To produce the results your business’ customers demand, it is essential that your team work together. This collaboration comes in several forms, but if one person struggles, it can be a dire development for any project or service delivery. This month we thought it would be useful to outline what effective collaboration looks like and […]

Tip of the Week: Handy Shortcuts in Google Chat

Google Chat, a worthy successor to Google Hangouts, is a great tool for users that can help them be more productive throughout the day, but did you know that you might be missing out on a ton of functionality by forgoing some of these keyboard shortcuts? Let’s go over some of the most helpful ones […]

Staff Collaboration Can Significantly Help Your Business

No business can be successful without collaboration. As such, businesses invest heavily in tools which facilitate effective collaboration for their employees. Let’s look at some of the variables that can contribute to an effective collaboration strategy, as well as how you can promote collaboration in the workplace.

5 Essential Features to Seek from a Conferencing Platform

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that is not equipped to handle video conferencing in some way. The pandemic led many organizations to adopt these platforms, and as a result, these platforms have seen a dramatic increase in functionality and capability. We’d like to discuss some of the best features that your […]

Some Places Encryption Should Be Used Frequently

Protecting your organization’s data is a major focus of businesses these days, especially as threats grow more powerful and they better learn to penetrate the countless safeguards put into place. Let’s go over how encryption can help you cover all your bases, especially if hackers do manage to get through your security precautions.

Improving Your Business Communication for the New Remote Normal

The fact that many of their workers never see each other has led to some interesting shifts in the way that businesses approach communications. They used to just walk across the room and have a conversation, but as people try to make sense of the hybrid work environment, communications will continue to be a key. […]

Going Over the Basics of Collaboration Solutions

With businesses depending on technology more now than ever, it stands to reason that the collaboration solutions that are available would improve as demand increases. Today’s business needs a collaboration solution that allows them to communicate, manage tasks and be a reliable solution for teams separated by more than just a wall. Let’s take a […]