Handy Home Office Gadgets to Add to Your Shopping List

There is no denying that gifts are a major part of the typical festivities around this time of year, so it only seems that having some ideas to share with others is a helpful contribution. As our way of helping, we’ve decided to share a few tech-based suggestions that would find a welcome home in […]

Tip of the Week: Why Rebooting Fixes so Many Problems

There is quite possibly no more famous question in IT services than, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” While it may sound like a joke (and has quite often been used as one), could this advice actually work? The short answer: It does. For this week’s tip, we’ll explain why that is.

The Next Phase of the “Internet of Things”

The “internet of things” is growing rapidly, and with that growth there will be a stage where thoughts about internet of things technology change forever. From RFID sensors to mobile devices to commercial goods, machine-to-machine communications have already made their way into people’s homes and businesses. What can we expect to happen with the internet […]

How Much Risk Can the Internet of Things Cause?

The “internet of things” is rapidly growing in popularity, which makes it all the more likely that some internet of things devices will make their way into your office. Also growing is the reputation that these devices have as vulnerabilities to your organizational security. In an increasingly connected world, it’s important to remember how the […]

What to Consider About BYOD

One of the biggest buzzwords in business these days is BYOD: Bring Your Own Device. There are plenty of operational benefits that an organization can enjoy by adopting a BYOD policy, but BYOD isn’t an inherently perfect solution, which means that businesses that leverage it need to do so mindfully.

Is Your BYOD Strategy About to Backfire?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a very popular option for businesses seeking to save a bit of their budget on obtaining and maintaining devices for their employees. While this is an economically commendable practice, it has the potential to generate risks for your business if left unchecked. Let’s discuss the pros and cons […]