How Blockchain is Changing Health Technology

You’d think that the health care industry would be at the very cutting edge when it comes to information technology implementation. That isn’t always the case. One technology that developers are really looking to take advantage of in the health care space is blockchain. The technology behind cryptocurrency is being used to help patients better […]

Keep the Pandemic from Plundering Your Profitability

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, affecting hundreds of thousands of people and keeping hundreds of millions at home, the beginnings of recessionary fear have begun to hit small businesses. Today, we will go through a few elements that will help you get your business through this anxious time.

Step Away to Avoid Burnout

When someone tells you to recharge your battery, how do you interpret it? Today, you might misinterpret this statement as charging your laptop or smartphone, but in reality, we’re talking about your internal battery. If you constantly find yourself exhausted from your work, perhaps you should take some time to re-evaluate priorities and destress a […]