If You Don’t Do Technology Right, You May Regret Doing It at All

Businesses of all kinds depend on the technology they use, whether it’s email, a CRM or just a single PC with a spreadsheet program. Those businesses that keep it simple have to know that there is technology out there that can help them bring in more revenue streams or properly manage the ones they already […]

Are Utilities as Secure as They Should Be?

Recently, a story broke in Florida that sounds like something out of a terse action film: A hacker managed to access a water treatment facility and subjected the Pinellas County water supply with increased levels of sodium hydroxide. While onsite operators were able to correct the issue right away and keep the public safe from […]

Tip of the Week: Keep an Eye on Your IT While You’re Gone

As the workers that power many businesses are staying home, remote solutions have proven to be a significant tool in keeping productivity moving. With nobody going into the office, however, monitoring your IT environment is necessary to make sure that the infrastructure you depend on is still in the right conditions. For this week’s tip, […]

You’d Be Surprised How Insecure Some Health Care Providers Are

The health care industry is in a difficult position. Despite the utility that connected devices present to medical providers, the BlueKeep vulnerability makes it seem as though connected devices aren’t a wise solution for many to use, and there’s nobody these organizations can blame but themselves.