Setting Up Your Company’s Wireless System Should Be More Involved than Just Plugging in a Router

We live in a world that is constantly connected, be it through a wireless connection or through your smartphone’s mobile data. This makes it especially important to practice appropriate cybersecurity practices while you’re connected to a wireless network. Let’s go over some wireless cybersecurity best practices you can keep in mind when using your wireless […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Business Technology’s Security

Businesses largely rely on their information systems and other technology tools, so you need to make sure they stay secure and far from the many threats out there. To this end, we recommend you implement security systems that prioritize business continuity and data security. Let’s examine three ways you can keep your business’ IT safe […]

Strategic Tips for Creating Secure Passwords

When we tell you that it’s a best practice to implement complex passwords for your business, do you know what exactly a complex password is? Secure passwords are a little confusing, and the standards continue to shift back and forth. Let’s examine some of the industry-standard best practices for implementing secure passwords and how your […]

Is it Time to Move Past Passwords?

Passwords have been a staple in data security and user authentication for many years, to the point where the idea of using a password has become nearly synonymous with the concept of security. Data has increasingly shown, however, that alternative options are in fact more secure. Let’s examine some of these passwordless authentication methods and […]

Most Passwords are Easy to Guess

You might wonder how it is possible that people can guess the passwords of others, but it turns out that it’s a bit easier than you might think. According to a new study, not only has a significant portion of the population tried to guess someone else’s password, but even more of them are successful […]

Passwords Aren’t Enough to Secure Most Accounts

Securing your digital platforms has to be a major point of emphasis for every business. For years, having a password was enough to keep unauthorized entities out of secured accounts. Those days are effectively over. With threats multiplying and getting more and more dangerous, companies have to do more to secure their IT. This month, […]

Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication on Multiple Platforms

Many organizations are pushing for two-factor authentication, and it is easy to see why. The benefits are so great and the risks so devastating that there is no good reason to not implement two-factor authentication. Let’s discuss what two-factor authentication is, why it matters, and how you can set it up for your Microsoft, Google […]