Ransomware Has Gone Mobile

Smartphones have managed to hold out against ransomware a bit longer than other hardware and operating systems, but those days are coming to an end. It’s important to remember that the average smartphone is not protected with antivirus software and thus remains threatened by your standard ransomware attacks. It is critical that your business doubles […]

A Look Back at Q1 2022’s Worst Data Breaches

Despite their best efforts, cybersecurity can be a major cause for concern for all kinds of businesses and organizations. Even with a full team of cybersecurity professionals, data breaches can occur, and many of the worst data breaches of 2022 have been quite devastating. Let’s look at some of the worst ones so far.

The FBI is Extremely Concerned About Ransomware

Ransomware is an incredibly disruptive threat that can put your business at risk, but it is increasingly becoming not just a fiscal risk to organizations, but also to the physical health and wellbeing of communities and individuals. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a warning that should have everyone concerned about the future of […]

There is No Value in Paying a Ransom

We all know at this point how dangerous ransomware can be for businesses. It can lock down files, threaten operational continuity, and in some cases subject victims to brutal fines because of privacy breaches. One place where you might not expect ransomware to hit, however, is customer reviews, and it all stems from the big […]

The OnePercent Group: A Different Approach to Ransomware

A recent trend even amongst ransomware threats is that the FBI is issuing warnings regarding how dangerous it is or how difficult certain variants are. This particular threat — the OnePercent ransomware gang — is no exception. Let’s break down what you need to know about the OnePercent Group and how you can prepare to […]

Why Ransomware is a Major Problem for All Businesses

You’d think that cybercriminals would use ransomware to target high-profile businesses with loads of money to extort, but this is not always the case. Even a small business can fall victim to these particularly devastating threats. Ransomware, just like other threats out there, has continued to evolve and adjust its approaches based on the current […]