Determining Your Organization’s Cloud Needs

The cloud is one of the most valuable tools available to modern businesses, but the extent to which organizations utilize it will vary depending on their specific needs. For example, some organizations might be fine with the limited control offered by the public cloud, but others might need more dynamic features and control over their […]

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Will Soon Reach EOL

With millions of businesses relying on their secure servers for a variety of computing needs, Microsoft reigns supreme in profitability. In order to maintain this status, Microsoft must make sure their software is properly cared for and supported – or retired if these titles are no longer practical to maintain. SQL Server 2008 and SQL […]

Tip of the Week: Use Admin Accounts to Control Your Network

There are various types of user accounts that your employees and administrators can use to access their workstations, but one of the biggest points of contention to consider when planning out data access is the use of administrator accounts. Specifically, you want to avoid handing out administrator account access to users.

Why You Need to Maintain Your Servers

It’s impossible to understate the importance of a server to today’s businesses. We talk a big game as to how important data is, but we don’t often broach the topic of how important it is to ensure that your server is well maintained. Below, we discuss how to determine what your servers need for optimal […]

Know Your Tech: Proxy Server

Your server room may be somewhat intimidating to consider. Wires everywhere, mechanical boxes that sit there with blinking lights and the distinct feeling that you probably shouldn’t touch anything, including the proxy server, whatever that is. To help you get to know your technology, the proxy server is exactly what we discuss below.