Are You Oversharing Your Personal Information?

Businesses tend to collect and capture consumer data in an effort to provide a better experience or find new customers. Many of these businesses will package this information together and sell it to marketing companies. Consumers often don’t know how to opt out of this kind of activity and, thus, wind up oversharing information. This […]

Discussing the Modern Search Engine, Part 2

In our last article, we started to tell you about the search engine and outlined Google’s complete predominance of the space. This time around, we will take a closer look at a couple of other search engines that you may or may not have heard of, and how they stack up to Google Search.

Discussing the Modern Search Engine, Part 1

Google is a tool that everyone uses to varying degrees, but the reality is that Google is but one search engine. There are others out there, and while they perform similar functions, there is a reason why Google is synonymous with web browsing. Let’s take a look at why Google is so popular, as well […]

Tip of the Week: Improve LinkedIn Privacy

Have you ever received an email notification that someone has checked out your LinkedIn profile? While you might be flattered in the moment, you might then suddenly notice that LinkedIn is doing the same thing to you, telling others when you have looked at their profile. While this isn’t always a bad thing, and can […]

Social Networking Sites Aren’t Immune to Cybersecurity Threats

One of the more overlooked parts of cybersecurity attacks involves social media and social engineering tactics targeting it. If you’re not careful, you could be putting yourself at risk of attacks through social media. How can you ensure that your staff members are keeping security at top of mind even when using social media? Let’s […]

Social Media Conditions People to Let Their Guard Down

How often do you check social media only to find your news feed clogged with your friends and family sharing the results of quizzes like, “Which Star Wars character are you?” or “What’s your superhero name based on your birthday?” While these quizzes might seem harmless on the surface, they often hide a far more […]

Productivity Slowing Due to Employee Social Media Use?

Businesses have always attempted to optimize productivity for their employees in a variety of ways, but there are certain distractions that will always persist, especially in today’s incredibly connected world. One of these distractions is social media, and it creates the illusion of productivity when it’s not helping much.

Look How Much the Internet has Changed

When the internet was established, it was a marvel. Now, people could move information across the world in a matter of seconds. This is why the term “World Wide Web” was coined. Nowadays, there are billions of users on the internet, and the rules have had to be changed. This has some online services in […]